Secretary message

Sri Virendra Kumar Shukla

Between past, present and future of Brahmavart P.G. College. There has been one factor that remains common, it is a cordial relationship between teachers, students and the managing society within. This tends to be the foundation of our development. Our fundamental belief of growth is that way of life, which intents to achieve the purpose it is meant for. We have to keep this growth at all times. Growth without education can’t be imagined. Educational growth has no limit. We keep polishing our vision so as to make our dreams a reality. We wish to give the youth a proper environment, in order to motivate them and provide them the support they need. Each one of them has infinite sources of energy. They are supposed to deliver our dreams which have to be bigger, our commitment deeper and our efforts greater. This is my dream for Brahmavart P. G. College as its Secretary / Manager of the Managing Committee. Every youth is the real torch bearer of our future India. In accordance with our dreams, the college¬† is on the path of growth and progress under the able leadership of our college principal Prof. Niranjan Singh and I should¬† equally consider the equal co-operation and support of the teaching and the non-teaching staff of the college. The managing committee has all appreciation for the efforts made by all engaged in working out the college progress in their respective capacities.

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