VIsion & Mission

Vision & MISSION


Let there be light to enlighten coming generations with a sense of dignity to serve thy nation and thy kind. Weed out ignorance to bloom the buds of knowledge to time with our institution insignia and its transcription ‘ATMANAN VIDDHI’ illustrates the essence as ‘KNOW THYSELF’. Foremost end of one’s life is self-realization for comprehensiveness in totality. Perform and achieve goals with thoughtful text of crest. Thus chosen to make human life worth living.



To achieve excellence in academic enhancement through creative and critical surmounting skills. Unweave   the web of past to revel it, present to reflect it and future to mould it. Create an academic environment for promoting qualitative teaching, learning, and research in higher education with an innovative approach to stamp success in all walks of life. Transform dreams into reality by evoking a civic sense of responsibility to tune with the pace of time.

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